There’s something special about growing up in a small town—where hard work, hospitality and heritage are ingrained. Yet countless young people don’t see a future in the rural communities they love—especially those dreaming of a career in technology. Many feel they have no choice but to move away from their homes and families in search of more attractive jobs, taking with them the future of their community’s economy. R3 aims to bring an end to all of that by reviving, rebuilding and restoring rural communities.

We’re taking the charge by bringing epicenters of collaboration, creativity and tech—we call them “Forges”—to communities across the nation. Our Forge locations help people grow, technology bloom and communities flourish.


to communities and their residents:
• Rebuilding rural communities and their economies.
• Keeping families together.
• Providing a better than four year computer science education—free of debt.
• Increasing percentage of females in STEM from 24% to 35%
(that’s just the beginning!).
• Becoming a catalyst for possibilities and opportunities that no one would imagine could happen in rural communities—making “no-constraints” the norm.

to industries:
• Offering world-class innovators and technologists from the Midwest, no matter where you are.
• Pairing companies with multidisciplinary teams that offer diverse perspectives and end-to-end value.
• Delivering distinguished software craftsmanship through test-driven development, pair programming, continuous integration and deployment.
• Providing an alternative to H1B and Offshore options—aka more value per dollar spent.

A Vision Brought to Life

Coming Soon: The Jefferson Forge


Do you want to help the future of rural communities thrive?

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